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Diamantina Camping and Outdoor Gear

Outdoor stuff built tough for Australian conditions

Dome Tents, Canvas Tents, Camper Trailers, Camping Furniture, Kayaks, Gazebos, Sleeping bags, stretchers and Mattresses

Dome Tents


The Worlds Best Canvas Tents


Canvas Family and Touring Tents



Folding Chairs              Folding Tables

Sleeping Bags & Stretchers


Self Inflating Mattreesses



Pop-Up Gazebos


Cool Water Kayaks

Cockatoo Island Camping, Sydney Harbour - fitted out with 90 Diamantina Canvas Tents, as well as sleeping bags, folding chairs, self inflating mattresses and stretchers

The New Billabong Campsite at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Education Centre, Dubbo NSW - fitted out with 60 Diamantina Canvas Tents

Tandara 5 Star Luxury Camping Retreat, Lane Cove River Tourist Park - Diamantina supplied a Serengetti Lodge Tent for this set up

Campmor GP Shelter for clubs and sporting events

Semi Permanent Campsites for Eco Resorts & National Parks

Tandara 5 Star Luxury Camping Retreat, Lane Cover River Toursit Park


To capital cities across Australia on selected products*

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Diamantina Freelander 4 +

Camper Trailer

Cool Water Kayaks

FREE DELIVERY * for selected models

Single and double sit on top kayaks

TGG - Totally Green Glamping

Semi permanent solar powered camp site for commercial operators


Diamantina Tents

"Voted as Australia's most durable tents"

Commercial quality tents used for Farm Stay Accommodation, Safari Tours and Outback Expeditions, Semi-Permanent Tent Accommodation, Temporary Outback Accommodation, Horse Riding Schools and Temporary Student Accommodation.

New Release - 2014 range of Escape Dome Tents

SPECIAL OFFER - Purchase any Diamantina Tent and receive a FREE NIGHT CAMPING ACCOMMODATION

on a powered site with thanks to Big 4 Holiday Park at Bonny Hills on Rainbow Beach (see stores for details)

Congratulations Diamantina Camping Equipment

on your 10th Birthday !

Let us help you build your own tent city. Suppliers to music festivals, event organisers, Scouts Australia, trek and tour companies, Zoos across Australia, holiday parks, mining companies, Government Departments, outback stations for remote accommodation, and eco resorts

Innovation at Diamantina Camping Equipment means gear designed in Australia, by Australians, for Australians.  The best parts for the job. And smart, practical designs. The result is that Diamantina makes, hands-down, the very best tents available in Australia.

When it comes to building the best tents for Aussie adventurers, it’s not about bells and whistles that sound good, and look flash. They’re not going to keep you dry and warm when it’s blowing a gale and you’re half way across the Aussie outback. It’s the practical stuff that counts—innovations that make your trip safer, easier, and more fun. It might take a few extra zips and poles but we believe in selling you something that’s going to do what you need it to.

We were the first company in Australia to build our dome tents with double fiberglass poles, and this design has been recognised by Choice Magazine as one of the best 4 person dome tents in Australia. This means our tents are twice as strong as other tents, which can come in handy when your mate reads the forecast wrong on his not-so-smart phone.

We were one of the first companies to add full side awnings to our tents, so the kids can do the washing up in the shade while mum settles into her comfy Diamantina lounge chair reading a good book with a glass of wine.

Our tent door zips include a lockable zip feature, another first, to keep the ankle-biters inside the tent for a sleep, and peace of mind for mum and dad they are safe and sound and wont escape from the tent while no one is looking.

Our tent fabrics are thoroughly tested for tear strength, UV resistance and abrassian resistance.  Our fabric coatings offer a higher level of water resistance than other brands.  We use the Monsoon 3000 coating on our Escape Series of dome tents, one of the highest water ratings on dome tents in Australia.

We use the Category 5 quality assurance process for our products, providing peace of mind we are adopting the worlds best practices in the build quality of our tents.  Our tents are not made from bricks and mortar, however they are tried and true, and we won't mess with the recepie unless we're sure it's going to make your outdoor adventures better.  We expect our tents to last the distance.  We have to be convinced a new feature or fabric will endure some fairly hard wear, over a long time, before we change it.

Because of this approach we can hand-on-heart say that we've got an innovative, high-quality solution you can trust to work.  We know our tents are the best on the market.  Try one and see for yourself.

Diamantina Tents - the Aussie brand with Aussie heritage.

"Breaking News"

"Diamantina Tents Recommended By Australia's leading consumer magazine"

Rain Test Score - 100/100

In a recent Choice Magazine test on dome tents available in Australia, the Diamantina Escape Duo tent was chosen as one of the best tents to buy, after testing 14 different models and brands of dome tents.  The Diamantina Escape Duo tent was one of only two tents given a 100% rain test score.

Products tested in the harsh Australian climate to withstand the elements

Suppliers to mining companies, government departments, holiday resorts, national parks, zoos, Cockatoo Island Camping, outback stations and for those who value quality

Click on the logo to learn more about Category 5 Certification


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THE PERFECT STORM - Campmor Hennie Canvas Dome Tents tested in Sydneys worst ever dust storm- see the YouTube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfayxysJftw



Diamantina make some of the best quality tents in Australia and across the globe. Made using exclusive durable materials not found in many other tents. We have tents that can be set up permanently without fear of damage and deterioration, ideal for commercial operators.


Plus the new Lodge series of 5 star Eco Resort style tents for permanent sarfari style accommodation.

The revolution is here....

Latest release "New Generation Canvas Tents"

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Kyle and Jackie O's Amazing Race


“Oh, there once was a swagman, camped by a billabong,

Under the shade of a Coolibah tree”

Written in 1895 by Banjo Patterson.


"Waltzing Matilda" by Banjo Patterson is uniquely Australian. However few of us realise Banjo Patterson wrote many of his tales whilst travelling along the Diamantina River in outback Queensland. These stories of "camping by a billabong" and, "waiting till his billy boiled" tell us of life in outback Australia in the pioneering years, and the historical beginnings of camping in Australia. These stories represent the essence of the unique Australian Brand "Diamantina Camping Gear".

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