Bees Wax Stick To Seal Seams (pack of 2)



The Bees Wax Stick is used to seal the seams on all canvas tents.  This bees wax can be applied to any seams where a waterproof seal is required.

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The Bees Wax Stick is used to seal the seams on all canvas tents.  This bees wax can be applied to any seams where a waterproof seal is required.

Best to drop this packet into hot water to soften it, then apply it across seams to seal them from water.  Apply the wax only when the seams are dry.  We recommend to apply on the inside of the tent rather than the outside so it is not exposed to the elements.

Our Bees Wax Stick can be used to waterproof a number of different items such as tent seams, jacket seams, shoes, hats, backpack seams or any other canvas item you want to protect from the elements.

Weathering process for a new tent:

The tents we offer are made using exceptional quality heavy duty canvas materials, and the thread used to sew these canvas materials together is a high breaking strain quality thread with a cotton sheath.  This is deliberately designed to swell in the stitching holes of seams when it gets wet which will strengthen and tighten the seams, and fill the open stitching holes.

All canvas tents we sell have an impregnated waterproofing membrane coating applied to the canvas.  If brand new tents are likely to leak, it is going to occur through the stitching holes rather than the canvas itself.  This is because the stitching holes of new tents are “open” when a tent is new and therefore may allow water to get in.

On synthetic tents manufacturers apply a heat sealed polyurethane tape over the seams which works well to seal seams.  However this tape does not stick as well to premium quality canvas as it does synthetic materials so is ineffective on true high quality canvas.  This is because the canvas is blended with polyester and cotton fibres for best durability and performance.  Lower grade tents are made using 100% synthetic materials.

To overcome the possibility of a new canvas tent leaking through the seams, we recommend what we call a “Weathering process”.

This is where the tent is set up in the backyard after purchase and soaked thoroughly with a hose.  Have the hose on a spray setting(rather than a blast) and allow the water to really soak in.  This may take a while because the canvas is thick quality and will repell water.  After a few minutes, go inside the tent and take a look on the floor.  If you see water inside, it is likely water has leaked through the stitching holes.  Dont be concerned, this is perfectly normal.

Allow the tent to dry out and wipe up the water from inside your tent.  During the drying process the stitching holes and the canvas of the tent is going through a swelling process where the seams will tighten up.  Once the tent is dry, repeat the process of hosing the tent down again.  Only this time, have someone inside while you do it, and look carefully to see if water may still be leaking inside.  Take note and mark the spot with chalk or a pencil.

In our experience, canvas to canvas sewn seams swell effectively in this process.  Canvas to PVC sewn seams do not swell as effectively.  This is because the canvas material swells, but the PVC floor material being a synthetic does not.

Especially take notice of where the PVC floor is sewn to the cavas wall, AND the black nylon webbing peg points are all sewn together.  This is the most likely spot water may leak through the seams.

After the tent is thoroughly dry, apply the bees wax to the inside seams of the tent, concentrating on the PVC floor and canvas wall seams, and where the nylon peg points are sewn.

Once you have done this your new tent has been “Weathered” and is ready for use.  You will not have to do this process again for many years, maybe not at all, and your premium quality Diamantina Canvas Tent will last for many years with exceptional performance.

Happy Camping!.

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