about Us

The Diamantina Outdoors Purpose:

To provide market leading products for our customers to love and enjoy life outdoors.

Our Story

Diamantina Outdoors began from humble beginnings in mid 2002 developing the first ever Diamantina range of dome tents for the Australian market.  These were earthy colours of sage green, mushroom, and red dust trims to offer something unique with Australian outback colours different to everything else on offer at the time.  The range sold out in the first summer and gave us a launching platform for our brand.

Soon after we ventured into new territory – canvas family tents in one, two, and three room sizes.  The first range were navy blue and sand colour canvas, with names like Hacienda, Grand Palace, and Sheraton Majestic capturing the hearts of Australian campers.  This family range of canvas tents expanded to 12 different designs and sizes from a centre pole touring tent, to a monster 4 room canvas family tent, and ran for more than 10 years as some of Australia’s most popular canvas tents for family campers.

From here our range evolved to expand in canvas tents, dome tents, camp furniture and bedding, kayaks, sleeping bags, canvas swags, and more to present a full range of quality camping products under the Diamantina Brand.  And then we began our adventures with premium canvas products made in South Africa.  We continue with these traditions of quality and durable products today.

We have won Choice Awards for some of our dome tent designs such as the Diamantina Escape Mono, Diamantina Escape Duo, and Diamantina Escape Trio family dome tents and our Diamantina Escape Gazebo.

We have diversified into a broader range of bespoke glamping style safari canvas tents for the remote accommodation and touring industry and today we offer these products to both individuals and industry alike.  We are advisors and product providers to industry, governments across Australia, mining, travel, remote accommodation, Scouts and event organisers.  And we provide our products to individuals who have seen and used the rest and eventually come to us to buy the best.

the Diamantina Outdoors Purpose:

We are a family business, with extensive experience in the Australian camping industry dating back to 1989 starting with Kangaroo Tent City, our 3 story retail business on Parramatta Rd Camperdown in NSW which was the most iconic camping store in Australia.  We were the largest seller of canvas tents in Australia, and we made and repaired canvas tents on the premises in our factory upstairs.  We learnt our craft here and have extensive experience in all canvas tents and shelters, dome tents and have used and sold every other brand of tents in Australia over the past 30 years.  We know this market very well.  We love the outdoors and remote touring, and can show you products that will last for generations to come.

Our Diamantina Outdoors brand is about delivering products that last.  We are not interested in products that contribute to landfill as a once only use throw away item.  We seek durability, clever design, and simplicity in assessing products fit for both ours and your purpose of living and loving life outdoors.  We are specialists, with a unique history and expertise in this sector unlike any others.

By the way Diamantina Outdoors is not to be confused with Dementia.  Very different meanings.

Diamantina Outdoors is uniquely Australian.  Named after the Diamantina River in the Australian outback where it may be said camping in Australia began.  Banjo Paterson is famous for travelling and writing his stories and poetry while carrying his “swag” on his back travelling along the banks of the Diamantina River, writing Waltzing Matilda.  It doesn’t get more authentic than that.