Category 5 Compliance quality assurance

As part of our quality assurance process to provide high quality products, we have developed the Category 5 quality mark with other like-minded businesses in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and China.

Products that carry the Category 5 mark have been overseen by a member of the Category 5 certification team throughout the production process, to ensure the finished product complies with our high production standards and expectations.

The Category 5 quality assurance process includes:

  • Raw material selection and inspection
  • Componentry selection and fabrication
  • The end-to-end manufacturing process
  • Product inspection and testing on completion, including full assembly and weather checks
  • Packaging and shipping

Between us, the Category 5 team members have more than 100 years experience manufacturing premium outdoor products, and we believe we’ve assembled more than 5,000 tents in our time. The experience amongst the Category 5 team is world class and extensive in the camping and outdoor industry.

Only the best products in a category can get the Category 5 stamp. What this means for you is that if you buy a Category 5 product you know that it’s the best in its class. Anyone can make a tent that looks smart, but good looks don’t necessarily mean good performance. If it’s got the Category 5 mark though, you know what you’ve bought will perform.

Note: Although a great effort has been put into the design and manufacture of these tents they can be damaged in some weather conditions and/or incorrect pitching. The warranty on our products protects the purchaser from manufacturing fault and defects. Damage caused by adverse conditions cannot be covered by our warranty.

If the weather changes dramatically as it can do, you always need to be prepared to pack up and vacate your site.