Outdoor Connection Sundowner XL Padded Camp Stretcher




Static Weight Limit -170kg
Dimensions – 210 x 85 x 46cm.  XL size.
Frame – Very strong frame with leg struts
Fabric – Comfortable padded cover
Extra Features – Easy set up (no end bars)


After extensively researching a large range of stretchers, we have found big variations in comfort and quality.  This model is one we highly recommend and have provided to many individuals and commercial operators over many years as one of the strongest, m0st comfortable, and simplest set up portable stretchers available.  Note the dimensions which we consider an XL – a little wider and longer than standard stretchers.

This design eliminates the need for end bars which are found on many alternative portable stretcher designs.  Simply fold it out and do up the velcro strap at each corner. Without the end bars it is more comfortable because it does not rise at each end. Added comfort and insulation is provided by the padded cover.  On cooler evenings this will insulate from below, and provide extra softness.  This simple functional design is very strong, easy to set up and comfortable.

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