Spring Steel Straight Tent Pegs 5mm x 30cm (6 pack)



30cm spring steel tent pegs that don’t bend easily. Perfect for hard ground.

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The design for this super strong peg was based on the materials we use in our spring steel frames.

Most tent pegs supplied with tents and gazebos in Australia are made from a mild or hi tensile steel with a bent end.  More often than knot, these simple pegs will bend with your first strike of the hammer into hard ground, or you have to buy super thick and heavy pegs to stop them from bending.

We have tested these Spring Steel pegs in ground all over Australia and South Africa and they are super strong and very difficult to bend.  They don’t need to be as thick as mild steel pegs to resist bending.  They will last the distance and hold firm without bending much better than most pegs out there.  The peg is made from highly impact resistant spring steel that retains its original shape even after being belted many times in the hot desert sun.  This spring steel peg has a unique chisel point so the peg drives straight when hammered into the ground.

We have used these pegs for many years in our tents, now you can buy them for other uses such as holding down car awnings and gazebos, swags, and soccer nets.  Pack of 6.


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