Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit Type B



Tear-Aid works.  Its compact, simple and requires no sewing or special tools to do a great repair job for many types of fabrics.  Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit Type B is one of the most useful pieces of kit you could carry with your camping gear.

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  • Ideal for: vinyl RV awnings, air mattresses, inflatables and other vinyl products
  • Inhibitor which blocks the oils in vinyl to ensure it bonds
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • UV resistant
  • See-through
  • Can be cut down to size
  • Includes 2 x alcohol prep pads


  • External Dimensions:
  • 1 x 7.62L x 30.48W cm | 1 x 2.22L x 2.22W cm | 1 x 3.49L x 3.49W cm | 1 x 30.48L cm Reinforcement Filament
  • Packed Dimensions: 14L x 8W x 3D cm
  • Material: Abrasion Resistant Elastomer | Matte Finish
  • Weight: 0.034 Kg

Duck tape may be the first thought for fixing a hole in a vinyl product, but it wont last long.  This product is simply amazing – Tear-Aid works.  Its compact, simple and requires no sewing or special tools to do a great repair job.  For the best results you need the Vinyl Repair Kit Type B from Tear-Aid.

Normal repair tape isn’t going to work on vinyl, as this material contains oils that can degrade most other adhesives. The Vinyl Repair Kit has a special inhibitor which blocks the oils in vinyl, ensuring that it adheres effectively for a strong bond. This product is abrasion-resistant, UV resistant, see-through so it’s suitable for use with all kinds of colours, and won’t pull when stretched.

You can patch up any holes or tears in your gear in a pinch with the Vinyl Repair Kit Type B from Tear-Aid.

Tips – Make sure the surface you are sticking to is clean and dry by using the alcohol wipes supplied.  Cut a patch slightly larger than the tear size and round the four corners so these edges cant lift easily.  Peel back the backing tape carefully by approx. 5mm and stick to the fabric, then peel back the remaining backing tape and stick down whilst avoiding touching the sticky side with your fingers.  Push down firmly and rub aggressively to push out any bubbles to ensure a good bond is achieved.  This will ensure no oils get on the sticking surface and an excellent bond is achieved.



“Love this stuff. Has repaired a range of holes and tears in our tent floor. No signs of coming off yet!”

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