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The Campmor Safari Hennie Canvas Tent is one of the most popular canvas tents in Australia used by tour companies, glamping sites, eco tourism resorts and remote accommodation.  One of the biggest sellers in the range, 2.4m x 2.4m floor area sleeps 2-4 people.  Its the tough little tent of choice for those who want a simple and strong campsite. You wont find better.

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2.4m x 2.4m x 1.85m high
Solid core 8.3mm spring steel poles.
550g PVC bucket style floor.
400g rip stop POLY/COTTON safari canvas. One of the worlds best. Canvas fly sheet with awning. 2 upright poles included.
Rip stop shadecloth windows on both sides with zippered window flap.
Rip stop shadecloth D shape front door.
Worlds best YKK zippers. Small parts, big difference.
No guy ropes required. (except for front awning)
Set up time 6-8 minutes.
Weight – 15kg canvas bag + 9kg pole bag = 24kg.
Sleeps 2-4 people.
Pack size – canvas bag 75cm x 35cm x 35cm. Pole bag 110cm x 12cm x 17cm.
Suitable for semi permanent and commercial use.
A popular size and shape for tour companies and eco tourism accommodation sites across Australia.
Made in South Africa.

One of our top two best selling tents in the range, with hundreds sold across Australia to commercial tour and camping operators.  The tent of choice for Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour for more than 12 years.  This is our premium quality model with the best quality components for ongoing reliable performance. The Campmor Safari Hennie is simple yet robust in design and has proven itself time and time again in harsh conditions to out last all others in its class. Ideal for 2 people with standing room, and a protective front awning. This tent is the number 1 pick and currently used by many semi-permanent camping operators in Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, NSW, Queensland and Tasmania, as well as holiday resorts, mining companies and zoos.

This short video shows the Campmor Hennie in a massive dust storm on Sydney Harbour where 80 of these tents stood up to 100km hour winds.

The Campmor Safari Hennie Tent offers the highest quality components in a tent for two people with standing room in the centre. One of our premium range of tents which use the highest quality canvas available and exclusive to Diamantina Tents, making them the strongest and most durable tents in the range which is why our commercial customer love them.

These are the ONLY TENTS IN AUSTRALIA using this exclusive rip stop canvas, and these tents have been used and tested in the Australian market for more than 15 years proving their suitability, reliability and quality for a variety of Australian environments. Exclusive to Diamantina tents, and quality tested to pass the Category 5 quality assurance test.

This compact tent has two bags – a compact zippered PVC bag for the canvas, and a longer skinny pole bag to carry the pole kit.  Its simple design means no guy ropes are required at all (except for two on the front awning poles), and only 6-8 minutes to set up a tent that can handle almost anything mother nature throws at it. Unlike other disposable tents that will likely break with a gust of wind, these tents are made with the best components, so you can relax and concentrate on other things.

The 2.4m floor means 4 mattresses on the ground that are 60cm wide each will fit inside. Its the perfect little tent for 2 people with extra space for gear storage. Why should you seriously consider this great little shelter ? Take a look firstly at every other dome tent on the market and you will find they all require guy ropes to set them up. If you don’t use the guy ropes and a wind comes along and breaks the poles, your warranty is void (read the fine print in warranty paperwork with all brands).


The poles didn’t break. That’s because instead of using hollow fiberglass poles or alloy poles that can easily fracture, these tents are made with SOLID CORE SPRING STEEL POLES. The spring steel is super strong but also very flexible, and has a memory to keep its shape and structure for many years of use. So we have the best frames. And they are so simple to set up. No fiddly extra bits to worry about. And you will feel secure in the knowledge this little tent will stand up to storms, so you can relax and sleep well.

The canvas used is a 400G RIP STOP POLY/ COTTON SAFARI CANVAS. Better than the canvas used in many swags. Its tough, has a superior tear strength, doesn’t fade quickly and can handle a few bumps and bruises along the way. The poly cotton blend means the canvas can breathe in hot climates and therefore reduces heat and condensation inside. This is a huge natural benefit for Australian climates that is not achieved in polyester or other synthetic tent materials.

The floor is 550g PVC. This is tougher than some camper trailer materials. No sewn seams on the floor. You wont wear a hole in this floor easily. The zippers used are YKK. Simply the worlds best. Do some research and find out how many other tents use these zips, most don’t.

Our commercial partners who have used these tents for years realise pretty quickly they have found the best, and keep re using these models. They just don’t have to deal with tears and breaks and lost parts like other tents. This is no fuss quality that you can rely on to do a great job.

Time and time again in camp sites all over Australia these tents outlast and out perform all other tents of a similar size in harsh weather conditions. Don’t pay attention to the latest marketing goop talking about pop up this and air pole that, the idea of convenience cant out perform a simple and strong product built to last.

Features and Benefits:
Virtually unbreakable solid core spring steel poles – never worry about dealing with a snapped pole again.
Exclusive rip stop poly/cotton canvas – the only tents that can be set up semi-permanently without fear of fading or deteriorating in the harsh Australian sun. No other tents dare to make this claim.
Category 5 compliance – meets strict quality control standards to offer the highest quality possible.
Cooler – the materials used allow hot air to escape, providing more comfort.
Quieter – These tents don’t rattle and shake when the winds pick up. Compare this to a floppy dome tent or pop up tent that rattles all night in the wind.
Stronger – Much stronger structure in cross winds, holding their shape firm and stable.
Durable – Hands down will last up to 10 years longer in the Australian sun than most other dome tents. Put up a cheap dome tent in the sun for 1 month and watch what happens to the materials (will fade and break down).
Darker – Don’t buy a light and bright coloured tent because at 6am when the sun is up, so are you as the tent will be a bright glow. These tents deliberately let in less light in the early morning hours allowing you to enjoy more peaceful sleep.
Water resistant – Highly water resistant materials and treatments are used so these tents perform in the harshest conditions.
Strong rip stop UV resistant shadecloth netting used on the windows and doors. All other tents use nylon or polyester no seeum mesh that tears easily and breaks down in the sun.
Super Heavy Duty 550g waterproof PVC bucket floor. Simply nothing more heavy duty that this.
Never buy another tent again. Built to last.

* Note – Conditions apply. Free freight to capital cities includes Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth only.  Orders to Hobart, Darwin and all regional areas outside these locations will incur freight charges at subsidized rates. Price on application.

** Special bulk order rates offered for commercial operators.
For all enquiries please email
or call 0400380473.

“The (Campmor Safari Hennie and Safari Bow) tents have been set up permanently for 3 years and withstood many strong storms. Due to their suitability to the island conditions we have re ordered more tents. Thanks Justin”
Kevin Smith, Cockatoo Island Accommodation Manager, Sydney Harbour. 2012.
“We don’t want to change them. More than happy to continue with the same models. Nothing better”.
David Johnson, Cockatoo Island Accommodation Manager, Sydney Harbour. 2018.

“I have a Hennie, used over 175 nights, have a few pics of it in floods, sitting in 3inches deep and nothing got wet inside, brilliant”. Stephen Eastop 2022.

4 reviews for Campmor Safari Hennie 2.4m Canvas Tent – SAVE $200

  1. Steve & Linda

    Firstly, Diamantina great from the start (Thanks to Justin), free shipping, Shipping and Confirmation emails, I took delivery within 3 1/2 days (I expected 7+ days),
    Now for the Tent; Quality is the first thing you will notice. A one person carry and setup,,, and is simple. Yes, I had the tent setup within 15mins by myself (first time). The next thing you will notice is the amount of thought that has gone into the design, impressive.
    Great tent, I purchased the Hennie to cope with heavy rain and high winds. It is light enough and quick enough to pitch for overnight stays.
    I’ve used a lot of different tents over 40+ years and this is the one, the ‘All Rounder’. Absolutely Brilliant.

    • justinkerley

      Thanks so much Steve. You’ve been fantastic to deal with. Hope you enjoy many great years with your new Hennie tent.

  2. Richard

    Purchased the Campmoor Safari Hennie 3yrs ago . Have had it set up in the High Country, Victorian Alps in torrential rain, 100kmh wind and snow 30cm deep.
    There is no equal to these tents. Has not shown the slightest bit of wear.This tent is bombproof. Is the best investment in a tent anyone could make..

  3. Angie (verified owner)

    Excellent service from this company! Justin returned my call within minutes and answered my query. I ordered the Hennie Tent after using Campmor tents in Africa, the most robust and easy to use tents! Ordered online on 21st December, it was delivered to my door in Geelong, Victoria this morning, 24th December. Cant get any better service than that! Thankyou, and I am sure I will get many years of use out of this, and will stay warm and dry when others in flimsy polyester tents will be looking for something else!

    • justinkerley

      Thanks so much Angie. I’m sure you will love it. Merry Xmas to you and have a great holiday.

  4. Jason

    I finally was able to get away for a trip in my new Hennie. What a tent!! Everything about it was outstanding. Setting it up solo for the first time was a pretty quick and simple process. For pretty much all of the first night and half the second day away I had winds of around 30kts constant and gusts to 45kts. I could hear the gusts coming through the trees for about five seconds before they hit and the Hennie stood solid, it didn’t look like moving. I felt like I was in a cabin not a tent. Everything from the quality of material to the workmanship is first class. Such an amazing product, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

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