Duramesh Platinum Tarpaulin 2.4m x 4.8m (8’x16′)



The Duramesh Platinum 2.4m x 4.8m tarp is a heavy duty mesh tarp with sewn in hem and eyelets.  Perfect as a ground sheet, canopy or weather screen.  Designed to drain dirt, sand and water and allow the grass underneath to grow.  Ideal for tent sites as a canopy for shade, caravan annexe floors, the beach, under swags, and for folding chairs and tables to sit on top.

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size – 2.4m x 4.8m (8′ x 16′)

Weight – 2.56g

Reinforced edges with eyelets to peg down.

Perfect for use under camp furniture.

Non-absorbent and will not rot or mould.

Liquid spills (drinks, etc) go through the mat.

Easy to wipe clean.

More environmentally friendly on the grass underneath the mat than tarpaulins.

May also be used for shade or as a wind break.

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The Duramesh Platinum series of mesh tarps are a multi-purpose mesh ground mat or shade screen, made with a UV stabilised 90% shade fabric which gives excellent shade but also allows dirt and water to pass through when used as a floor.

Use as a canopy to provide shade, a fly sheet over the tent, a ground mat to protect the floor of the tent or provide an area for camp furniture to sit on, a ground mat under a swag, a floor area out the front of a camper trailer or caravan, or a floor piece for a portable gazebo.

The Duramesh Platinum range of awnings (which are different to the Duramesh Platinum range of tarps) have a rope sewn into one edge to fit a 6mm sailtrack, allowing it to be set up as a mesh awning. It will also fit the 6mm track on caravan roll out awnings so that it can be used as a wall.

(Note: 6mm Sailtrack has an internal diameter of 8.5 to 9.5mm. The 6mm relates to the size of the rope).

We highly recommend the use of some form of ground sheet for under tents, as this keeps the tent floor cleaner and dryer, reduces damage caused by rocks and sticks, helps to keep dirt out of your tent, and prolongs the life of your tent.

We highly recommend the use of an open weave or mesh groundsheet as this prevents sweating under the floor, prevents water pooling between the layers, drains dirt and moisture so less cleaning up required, and also allows the grass to continue to breathe and grow underneath.

By ordering an oversized open weave mat like this, the one mat will serve as a groundsheet underneath the tent and also an extended floor out the front of the tent as a sitting area and to wipe your feet before entering the tent.

This size is ideal for our 3m x 3m Safari Canvas Tents (Safari Bow, Overlander and Weekender 3A) and our 2.4m x 2.4m Safari Canvas Tents (Safari Hennie, Tourer 4 and Weekender 2 Tents).



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