Diamantina outdoors supply gear for surfing safari event in papua new guinnea

Thousands of people flocked to PNG for an annual surfing tournament on the east coast in March 2017. Beautiful surroundings and great surf was enough to attract big crowds. Diamantina Outdoors supplied 50 Diamantina Discovery 6V Dome Tents and 20 Cool Water Kayaks for the event, used by guests and participants for accommodation and recreation. During the opening ceremony, a massive storm hit and flooded the camp site and event area. To the organisers surprise, the tents stayed dry.

“The event was a great success and the tents preformed very well. Initially we thought we had a massive problem when we got the tents on site and started putting them up. We only had 2cm of topsoil and the rest was hard lime stone ancient coral reef. So there was no way we could get the pins in the ground to hold the tents in place or the fly out off the tent But the tents hold themselves up fortunately, so had to run with that. This proved to be a good thing as the day of the opening ceremony we had a massive torrential down pour. This flooded the camp site with more than 30cm of water. The tents just floated and everyone’s stuff was still dry! Some of the guests did say that sleeping in them was like being on a water bed. The tents were just fantastic thank you”. Regards Jason.

Some amazing photos were taken of the event, the site and the crowds. Diamantina Outdoors were chosen as the prefered supplier of camping gear and kayaks for the tournament.

Contact Diamantina Outdoors for any temporary accommodation shelters for special events by emailing us at info@diamantina.net.au.

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