Why should all tents have a double skin roof ?

If you love the outdoors like me, you may have slept in all types of tents and shelters in all types of environments, and I’m sure you’ve worked out what you like best. Whether you like hiking and only camp with the most compact and lightweight gear, or you love 4WDing and use a swag and an awning, or like family camping or glamping with all the luxuries possible. Regardless of your preferences, there are some common things you learn along the way.

All tents and shelters should have a double skin roof.

There are still plenty of people out there who may choose their shelter based more on fashion or price than function, but believe me there is nothing more important than having two layers of material above your head. I’ve slept in horrible rain storms, howling winds, freezing cold climates, and stinking hot summer weather. Having a double skin roof line helps in all these different conditions.

If you go out there with a shelter that only has a single layer roof protecting you from the elements, it’s this one layer that has to protect you from everything!

  • If the rain is heavy enough for long enough, will it hold it all out? (Likely not)
  • will that single layer roof keep you cool on a hot summer night or will you be up at the crack of dawn because the tent is like an oven?
  • will the single layer roof stop all condensation from dripping water on the inside roof line of the tent when there is high humidity and a lot of moisture in the ground?

A double layer roof line will improve all these situations to give you a much better overall experience. The key is to achieve an air gap between the outer fly and the roof of the tent. This allows air to flow freely between the layers (insulation) which keeps more hot air out of the tent, takes the water pressure off the tent when its raining heavily, and significantly reduces condensation in the morning. You will sleep so comfortably well when your shelter has a double roof layer.

We believe in quality canvas products as the best choice for a durable shelter over your head. And a double layer of canvas also has the added advantage of extra strength, darker materials so the morning sun light is kept out and you can sleep longer, and your shelter will provide you many more years of great service because canvas doesn’t deteriorate quickly in the sun compared to the lightweight plastic type shelters.

Picture waking up the next morning after a great night sleep to the sizzling sounds of bacon and eggs crackling on the stove and fresh coffee brewing away. You stretch your arms and step outside and look around the camping area to find all other shelters are broken and destroyed from the storm the night before. Your tent is the last one standing and you didn’t even know there was a storm the night before. You see a lot of tired and unhappy people packing up their broken shelters and heading home. You take a seat in your comfy chair and relax, realising your Diamantina Outdoors canvas tent with a double skin roof line was the best decision you could have made !


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