quality isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t quality

Noel Bush has been a long term customer of Diamantina Outdoors, having purchased his first Diamantina canvas safari tent in 2014. 6 years later he reached out to us again to ……….. buy a second one. It was so great to hear from Noel again and the fantastic experiences he has had in his canvas safari tent in all kinds of weather conditions. Now he’s decided to purchase a smaller one that is more compact in its pack size. This one will be easier for him to manage on his own. Noel has learnt these tents quickly prove their value due to their durability over a long time and strength when put to the test.

His first tent was a Safari Bow 3m x 3m tent and Noel has now purchased a Tourer 4 – 2.4m x 2.4m tent as his second one. Thanks so much Noel for your kind comments and loyalty. We hope you enjoy many more years of great camping experiences with our gear. Here’s what Noel had to say…

“I purchased a Campmor Safari Bow 3 Metre canvas tent in 2014. I bought a tent because I don’t like swags at all too small and claustraphobic for me.  I love to go camping and a good safe nights sleep is very important to me. I did lots of research before I purchased my tent as I wanted canvas because it is strong and waterproof . So I looked at Campmor Diamantina tents they are canvas with a frame on the outside and  no bloody ropes to be tripping over in the dark.

So I liked what I saw and paid well over $1,000 for my tent. Quality isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t quality. So happy to say that it was money well spent. I have never had a problem at all 🙂 . The tent is very high quality with quality zips on all window flaps and door. It has a high quality zippered gauze door and windows so no flies mozzies or goannas can invade your privacy.  It is easy to set up although the first time was interesting as I camp by myself and another pair of hands would of been helpful. But now it is simple because of all the practice I have had putting it up and taking it down.

Have a look on youtube they have some videos on how to erect and take down this tent very helpful. I have spent a few days and nights stuck in the tent because of  heavy rain strong winds and storms no worries at all always dry and safely anchored to the ground. Happy days. Actually going to buy another one of their tents one a bit smaller as I am 60 years old now with a back injury and the 3 metre tent is getting a little too much for me to lug around and put up.

So more happy safe dry camping trips ahead in my new  Campmor Diamantina tent. So if you want a great quality dependable easy to set up waterproof tent that will last for years get a Campmor Diamantina you wont be dissapointed.  And enjoy.  And to everybody who reads this Please stay safe. Regards Mr Bush Kurri Kurri NSW. “