The Backyard Campout – introduce your kids to camping

Backyard Camping with the Kids During Lockdown

The Covid-19 global pandemic has presented many challenges for families across Australia, particularly for those in Victoria. If you’re someone who loves spending time in the great outdoors, the current restrictions you face may be causing mental health concerns. You’re not alone! With the Coronavirus health risks along with the economic challenges many of us face due to living in lockdown, it’s time to take care of yourself and your family.

It’s impossible to go camping and to be close to nature for many Australians right now. For many of our readers, it’s our escape and mental relief we crave. All is not lost! If you can’t go camping because the lockdown is keeping you at home, you can still do the next best thing. Why not setup camp in your own backyard?

Backyard camping is easier and a lot more fun than it sounds, particularly for young families. Kids crave time together as a family and time is something many of us have right now. Here are a few tips you can use to make camping in your backyard great for the whole family.

Pack as if you’re going on a real camping trip

Packing your gear and supplies as if you’re going on a real camping trip is all part of the experience for the kids. They will pick up on your enthusiasm so enjoy the process yourself and the family will too. With your gear and supplies conveniently packed and stashed close by, you won’t need to return to the house making the camping experience more realistic.

Set up your backyard camp

Pick the perfect spot in your backyard to set up camp; making it as far away from the house as you can. If it’s possible, clear some space in the yard where you can open your camp setting up to and try to forget the house is even there. Once you’ve cleared the space, unpack your gear and supplies, pitch your tent, arrange your camping chairs, and get settled in.

Cook over a fire or barbeque

Part of the fun while camping is the cooking. There’s nothing like munching on food freshly cooked on the barbie, is there? While there’s been panic buying on different occasions throughout Australia, we can thank our Aussie farmers for the food security we have. You may not be able to purchase exactly what you want due to some shortages however you can get creative and make it all part of the fun. Backyard camping is a perfect opportunity to fire up the barbie and cook some sausages or vegan alternatives if that’s what you prefer. Including your kids in the food preparation is all part of the fun.

Plan a few activities

After you’ve set up camp and got your tummies full of great food, what’s next to do? While fishing or other outdoor adventures may not be an option right now, you could play cards or board games. Charades or “Simons Says” can also be a fun option to get everyone involved. In the preparation for the backyard camp, ask your kids and your partner what they’d like to do while camping. The planning and preparation are all part of the fun.

Light up your bonfire

What’s camping without a bonfire? If you have space in your backyard for a fire, and your local council permits it, then go for it. You and your family can do so many things while gathered around your campfire. You can roast marshmallows or try some banana’s cooked with chocolate. You can tell stories around the campfire or have a contest to see who can tell the scariest story, if that’s suitable for your kids. They’re the perfect place for some great dad jokes.

Wind down with some stargazing

If you happen to live in a place with not too much light pollution and it’s a clear night, you can spend the evening stargazing. Search for a star chart on your phone and see if you can identify different constellations in the sky. Stargazing is a great way to learn about stars and bond with your family. And once the kids are asleep in the tent, you can enjoy some quiet time or have some cuddle time with your partner. The coronavirus pandemic may have put a damper on your camping plans this year. Even so, with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can have an excellent time backyard camping at home with the family.

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