7 reasons to buy A PORTABLE SHELTER from diamantina outdoors


1. Because we make our tents and gazebos using an exclusively developed premium quality rip stop canvas and the highest quality components, making these products more durable than all others.

Our tests of this canvas and components have proven these products provide many more nights of use before any wear and tear occurs compared to other similar tents and portable gazebos. Not only due to the thickness of the canvas, but also the tight thread count, the UV resistant coating, the mildew and waterproofing treatment soaked into the canvas, and its overall tear strength, abrasion resistance and toughness. Diamantina Outdoors offers quality outdoor shelter solutions for all environmental conditions, rather than just another cookie cutter product that doesn’t last.

At Diamantina Outdoors we believe in function and performance in all weather conditions. We want your family to relax and sleep easily knowing they are well protected. The quality of these materials makes a big difference, and we are the only tent and portable gazebo providers in Australia using this exclusive 400g rip stop poly/cotton grade canvas that outperforms all other tent materials. When compared to other leading brands, our tents are 30-50% cooler, up to 60% more UV resistant, and up to 75% more tear and abrasion resistant. The life span of our tents is up to 8 times longer than other leading brands. Compare closely the specifications of our tents and gazebos to our competitors, and you will quickly see why our products are superior.

2. Made exclusively in South Africa. Buy direct from the Manufacturer/Distributor with no middle man to avoid paying full retail margins.

Diamantina Outdoors make sure every dollar you spend goes into the premium quality product you are purchasing. That’s how we afford to invest in spring steel frames, YKK zippers, heavy duty PVC floor materials and premium quality canvas. Buying direct gets you better service and a better quality product which is backed 100% by the people who make it.

We don’t sell tents and portable gazebos like a commodity, as do some retailers who simply want to sell a product they have in stock, whether or not it suits your needs. You can rest assured that in years to come, your Diamantina safari tent or gazebo will still perform the same way it did when you first used it.

Invest your money into purchasing the highest quality canvas tents and portable gazebos where you get a higher level of performance not offered anywhere else. At Diamantina Outdoors, we not only represent better quality, but better value through the longer lifetime of the product.

A word of warning: look closely at the country of origin of any product you are considering purchasing, many brands use terms like “Designed and Engineered” in …….. when they are actually made in China.

3. Cost-efficient design makes for a fine long term investment.

Diamantina Canvas Tents and portable Gazebos have undergone field tests in the savannas of Africa and remote outback locations in Australia for the past 25 years. By using the highest quality materials, we are able to cut out extra unnecessary components such as more complex and fiddly frame systems and extra guy rope points, because they are not needed to create stability with such an efficient and simple design.

Any portable shelter used to protect your family outdoors is a long-term investment; while many brands may have a low initial cost, the use of standard or substandard construction materials tend to require constant replacement parts, cleaning, and repairs.

When you invest in a product you want it to last and so do we. We only use the highest quality components and our products are designed for regular use, they are not throw away items where you can expect to replace it after a few short years.

4. Constructed with the highest quality materials, no plastic components, better for our environment.

Buying a safari canvas tent or portable gazebo is a decision to experience and appreciate an outdoor lifestyle in a more simplistic form. To appreciate and respect our natural environment is to adopt the principles of “Leave no Trace” by leaving only footprints and taking only memories. Cheaper quality products made with throw away materials actually fill our environment with more rubbish designed for one use only, clogging our environments with unnecessary landfill and waste. Polyester materials and plastics used in tents are derived from petrochemicals; which add extra waste pollution to the air we breathe during the manufacturing process, which is why we avoid using plastics in the construction of our tents and gazebos. Diamantina Outdoors highest priority is the use of materials which are both safe for you and the environment.

5. Superior air flow and comfort when sleeping at night.

Any tent accommodation needs to not only provide a good shelter over your head, but a safe, warm and comfortable nights sleep. In hot environments, polyester based materials restrict the flow of air through an enclosed space like a tent, allowing internal temperatures to rise significantly, reducing the flow of oxygen and increasing humidity and condensation. Diamantina canvas safari tents use materials that act like a filter – repelling and beading large drops of water away from the outside, whilst at the same time allowing air and fine water vapour to freely flow through the internal space and between the canvas fibres on the inside, effectively increasing the levels of oxygen inside, reducing heat and humidity. This is achieved in two equally important features – the use of poly/cotton blended materials with a high natural fibre cotton content to increase air flow and breathability. And the design of an insulating double layer canvas roof with a highly water resistant coating to provide added protection, shade and air circulation between the layers to make the internal space cooler and more comfortable at night. You will wake in the morning feeling more rested and energised for the day ahead.

6. Reduced noise level.

Any portable tent or gazebo needs effective design to withstand the elements. When dealing with windy conditions there is also the added factors of reducing stress on the structure and the level of noise created. You won’t sleep well at night if your tent is rattling away like an old locomotive whenever there is a slight breeze, disturbing your restful nights sleep. The components we use in construction are deliberately designed to withstand a high level of pressure and reduce rattle noise. As a product you want to spend a lot of nights sleeping in, it is important to consider the level of background noise that it will create during its many years of use. Tents made using plastic components and lightweight frames and materials are prone to vibration noise due to the low strength characteristics of the material, disturbing your sleep.

We go to great lengths in making quiet tents and portable gazebos that don’t rattle; we start by using quality spring steel frame components, the highest quality and wind resistant frames on the international market, and attach the frames to the canvas using super strong spring steel S hooks that don’t move or bend. This results in a very stable and solid structure in all environments that reduces rattle noise in high wind conditions. This is one of Diamantina Outdoors specialties with the superior portable shelter system design and components creating a near-silent structure at night time, providing a peaceful nights sleep.

7. Proud of our long term industry partnerships.

Diamantina Outdoors are proud partners of some of Australia’s leading eco tourism travel companies, and mining companies, and recommended by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust who manage the foreshores of the worlds most beautiful harbour – Sydney Harbour. Some of these partners have been working with us for more than 10 years as their provider of choice for quality portable tents and gazebos for their business operations. These partners have certainly put our products through their paces, in all sorts of environments. If our products can withstand the pressure of ongoing use with tour groups, they will certainly withstand the vigours of a camping holiday for your family for many years to come.

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