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choosing the right tent – the real deal safari canvas tents

Choosing the right tent can feel like trying on a new shirt wearing a blindfold. How do you know it fits properly? There are so many options to consider you can be left throwing a dart at a dartboard. For instance floor space, standing room or crawl inside, quality of materials and workmanship, ventilation, ease […]

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Diamantina Outdoors camping checklist – dont leave home without it !

Planning an outdoor adventure ? Don’t leave home without some careful planning and a copy of our Camping Checklist so you don’t leave anything behind. Print it off and laminate it, keep it in the glove box or with your camping gear. Check everything off before you hit the road. Stories of families driving for […]

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7 reasons to buy A PORTABLE SHELTER from diamantina outdoors

7 REASONS TO BUY FROM DIAMANTINA OUTDOORS 1. Because we make our tents and gazebos using an exclusively developed premium quality rip stop canvas and the highest quality components, making these products more durable than all others. Our tests of this canvas and components have proven these products provide many more nights of use before […]

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