Diamantina Outdoors camping checklist – dont leave home without it !

Planning an outdoor adventure ? Don’t leave home without some careful planning and a copy of our Camping Checklist so you don’t leave anything behind. Print it off and laminate it, keep it in the glove box or with your camping gear. Check everything off before you hit the road.

Stories of families driving for hours and leaving the tent poles or groundsheet behind, or forgetting the hammer, the flysheet, or the esky with food. Misadventures like this can have a big impact on your holiday. Plan well in advance. Check the weather forecast, and try to avoid arriving at dusk and setting up the new tent for the first time. You could be in for a long night.

Involve the family and plan how you will set out your campsite. The kids can set up the beds or the camp cupboard, help set up the gazebo, or tent, and then everyone can relax in their favourite chair around the campfire once everything is in place.

Diamantina Outdoors Camping Checklist.pdf

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