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Choosing the right tent can feel like trying on a new shirt wearing a blindfold. How do you know it fits properly? There are so many options to consider you can be left throwing a dart at a dartboard. For instance floor space, standing room or crawl inside, quality of materials and workmanship, ventilation, ease of set up, strength in storms, sunlight in the early mornings, shade, weight, pack size, maintenance, waterproofness, wind resistance, durability. (whew! Tired just thinking about this! )

You want a tent that can handle a hurricane, sets up in 15 seconds, withstand thunderstorms, light as a feather, air conditioned, fit the whole family plus Granny May, Uncle Bob, Jessica’s new boyfriend and Rusty the dog. And of course all this has to pack into a matchbox and cost $1.

In Australia we have some harsh environmental conditions. Stinking hot summers that can melt your mothers lipstick, high winds, heavy rain storms, sand and salt air that can all cause havoc to your campsite.


That’s why we offer simple quality structures that are built to last and have stood the test of time by performing in some of the harshest weather conditions in Australia. We avoid plastic parts, and unnecessary fancy gadgets that become land fill. We focus on simplicity, durability and performance.


Starting with the highest quality materials like the worlds’ best canvas. Watertight, quick drying, cuts out the suns harmful rays, doesn’t fade, doesn’t rip and easy to set up. Floor materials that don’t wear easily and keep the insects and the water out. Frame systems that are simple, compact and super strong. Our designs give the space you need without taking all day to set up.

Going camping is lots of fun with the right gear. Don’t worry if your tent will still be standing when you get back from your hike. Just relax knowing your Diamantina Safari Tent will do whats its designed to do.

Sometimes a couple of smaller size tents are better than one big tent, where the family can spread out. Perhaps set up a portable gazebo in the middle because this offers so much more flexibility, privacy and is easier to set up.

Diamantina Safari Tents set up and pack up in under 10 minutes. They have been used as far south as Bruny Island in Tasmania, the red sands of the Larapinta Trail in outback South Australia, the harsh salt air conditions of Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour, and tropical north of Kakadu in the Northern Territory. These tents will outlive, outlast and outperform almost every other tent design of an equivalent size in Australia.

Go on, have a great family holiday. Tell stories around the campfire, listen to the birds sing in the mornings, enjoy the distinctive aroma of bacon for breakfast, and watch the sunset over the ocean while enjoying your favorite cocktail. Your Diamantina Safari Tent will go the distance.

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